Tyre Rotation

Rotating your tyres periodically is an essential part of tyre maintenance. The main purpose of regularly rotating tyres is to achieve more uniform wear for all tyres on the vehicle. If no rotation period or pattern is to be found in your owner's documentation, rotate your tyres at least every 10,000kms and follow one of the patterns suggested below.

Typical tyre rotation patterns

tyre rotations However, rotate your tyres earlier if irregular or uneven wear develops, and check with your Local Tyrepower Pro to determine the cause of the wear problem. Remember that a hard impact such as hitting a pothole can cause misalignment, which then causes uneven tyre wear.(Only where tyres are same type & size)

Remember that certain tyres cannot be rotated in the patterns described. These include tyres with asymmetric or uni-directional tread designs. Also, some vehicles are equipped with different size tyres or wheels on the front and rear axles. Check the owner's manual for the proper rotation in these cases.
Finally, check the inflation pressures and have them adjusted for the tyre's new positions. Under-inflated or over-inflated tyres may result in poor handling, uneven treadwear or poor fuel consumption. Also check that the lugnuts have been properly installed and torqued.


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